Our Services

Shibib Medical Solutions offers unique Medical services using a combination of cutting edge technology, intricate ideas, and sophisticated methods. 

When combined; all these elements form a simple and user-friendly interface with extremely quick response rates. 

Our Main service: “Shafeeni” is not only among the most advanced telemedicine services in the world, it is also one of the quickest. 

Shafeeni Medical staff arrive at your house at around 30 minutes. That’s less than some restaurants take to deliver a pizza!

With Shafeeni, you can forget waiting for hours to get a doctor’s appointment. Shafeeni now gives you the power to bring the hospital to your home! 

Shafeeni also limits your exposure to hospital-born diseases, which are far more common than you think and far deadlier than numerous other sources of disease. That is because many of the pathogens there are drug resistant. 

This means that many antibiotics won’t work on some bacterial infections in hospitals. 

With Shafeeni you can rest assured you will be in safe hands. We deal with our patients individually and have extra measures to protect you and to substantially limit your exposure to any possible cause of illness. 

With Shafeeni you are in control. You Hold the key to your health.